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Curious about technological opportunities, innovations and business possibilities that come along with the energy transistion? Or do you want to meet potential employers as multinationals, SME or start-ups?

Energy Cafe: Energy Outage; What Happened?

The extent to which society depends on electricity was clearly illustrated by the impact of a power outage in Amsterdam and the province of Noord-Holland at 9:35 AM on 27 March 2015, which was caused by a short circuit on the 380 kV TenneT substation in Diemen.

Energy Challenge

The Energy Challenge is a competition where student teams are challenged to find a solution to an energy related problem. The 20 best ideas are invited to participate in a 2,5 day during event. During these days the teams are given the opportunity to develop and improve their idea with the help of workshops, speaker sessions and personal advice from experts. At the end of the event the teams will present their idea and the judges will choose the winner of The Energy Challenge. At the EnergyChallenge 2016 you are asked to hand in your team's solution to the question:

Master School Open Session in Eindhoven

Discover all about our Master School and get a
taste of our programme. Student? Interested in energy? Looking for an
international Master? Can you tick all these boxes? If that’s the case you

Summary of Energy Café: The Energy Reality Check

On Tuesday the 12th of January the first Energy Café of the year 2016 took place in Café Wilhelmina.

Energy Café: The Energy Reality Check

Energy may be a simple concept in physics, but developing a coherent opinion on sustainability issues seems a daunting task. Indeed, we all want to save the planet by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission, but shouldn’t we then unplug our phones from the wall and take short showers? Yes, we worry about international exploitation when we discuss foreign politics, but we also have to pay the bills at the end of the month. Of course, we want to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, but we disagree as to which alternative energy source we should invest on.

TU/e Unplugged

Every year during the winterbreak, Real Estate management of the TU/e starts a campaign called TU/e Unplugged.

goal of TU/e Unplugged is to make all employees of the TU/e turn off
their devices in the office before they leave for the winter break. This
is done to save money (and energy!), and the money saved will be used
to implement even more energy saving measures across the TU/e campus. As
the list below shows, simply unplugging your devices can help save a
huge amount of energy. To help saving even more, here’s a small list of